Funeral Service in Sutton Coldfield

A highly recommended funeral director providing a personal funeral service in Sutton Coldfield with an unrivalled repuation for care and quality of service.

Daniel Ross Funerals, based in Walmley, Sutton Coldfield pledges their clients and their families wishes are paramount and strive to provide a personal funeral service befitting to the deceased.

The funeral director in Sutton Coldfield offers:

*Simple with complete care funeral service in Sutton Coldfield from £1495.00 excluding fees paid to third parties

*Immediate and personal support and attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

*Guidance and flexability with an extensive range of services rarely offered by other funeral directors

*A guarantee of peace of mind

*To honour and respect all religions and cultures

*The simplest funeral service to the most elaborate funeral service

*Possibly the most beautifully furnished family rooms and Chapels of Rest in Sutton Coldfield

*Daimler hearse and Daimler limousines as standard for all funeral services

*Rolls Royce fleet

*Horse Drawn Hearse

*Male and female funeral directors, pallbearers and carers

*Home arrangements

*Small Private Funeral Service Chapel

*Wash and dress facilities

*In house florist

*In house printing to provide Orders of Service and Mass Cards

*Bereavement support and aftercare

*Books and advice on helping children to understand about funerals

*Assistance with newspaper notices and acknowledgements

*Assistance with catering and funeral venues in Sutton Coldfield

*Monumental Stonemason in Sutton Coldfield

*In house range of memorial plaques

*In house range of Cremated Remains traditional caskets

*In house range of alternate Cremated Remains caskets

*Full range of traditional coffins and caskets

*Full range of wicker, bamboo and cardboard coffins

*Bespoke Colourful coffins

*Assistance to appoint a member of the clergy for any denomination

*Assistance to appoint a humanist or civil celebrant

*A full range of poems and verses suitable for funerals along with hymn sheets

*Help to conduct the funeral service without a minister

*Green Funerals or Woodland Burial

*Reception into Church prior to a funeral service

*To bring the Deceased home to rest

*Options for the flowers after the funeral service

* Pet memorials, caskets and nameplates

Please visit our website or telephone 0121 313 0054 for further details, help or advice for a funeral service in Sutton Coldfield.