Pre paid funeral plans & funeral planning

Funeral plans are gaining in popularity as people become more open about funerals and willing to talk about the options available.  However, some people wish to pay for the funeral in advance, whereas other people would simply like their wishes recorded and kept somewhere safe.

Whatever reason for your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us or drop in to our Sutton Coldfield funeral home. Our pre payment funeral plan is provided by Golden Charter Funeral Plans who are a regulated member of the Funeral Planning Authority.

Our prepaid funeral plans are split into 2 categories, ‘Golden Charter’ and ‘Green’.


Golden Charter plans

This is a funeral plan that locks the funeral director’s costs that are included in your plan at today’s prices. The sooner you take out a plan, the greater the saving could be.

Golden Charter funeral plans Sutton Coldfield

We are happy to go through the details with you and help you to understand what the plan entails and how you can benefit from it.


Green funeral plans

Similar to woodland burials, green funerals are focused on the environment and are an increasingly popular way to celebrate a person’s life without harming our surroundings. For some people the choice of coffin is extremely important, so we offer beautiful woven bamboo, wicker or even cardboard coffins which can be decorated by your friends and family.

Many people are choosing ecological funerals now and we can help you to learn more about these.

Green funeral pre paid plans