What a funeral costs

Many families are concerned how much their loved one’s funeral will cost, whilst wanting to give the best funeral they possibly can – costs can be a worrying factor.

It is paramount to us, as a family business, to limit financial burden during this emotional and difficult time therefore we have a clear and upfront pricing structure which is discussed with you in depth and tailored to your specific needs.

Each funeral is as individual as the person who has sadly passed away and every family’s needs, wishes and requests are very different and need to be known in order for us to provide an accurate quotation of the costs.

As independent funeral directors, we have the flexibility to be strongly competitive and can confirm that our costs are far lower than corporate funeral directors such as Co-operative Funeral Care and companies owned by Dignity or Laurel Management and yet we guarantee a greater personal service. These corporate companies quite often still trade under the family name that previously owned the business; therefore it’s wise to ask if you are unsure.

As a general guide, the funeral account is split into three sets of charges, Funeral Director’s charges, Coffin charges and Disbursements.

Funeral Director charges include attending to all the necessary arrangements on your behalf, liaising with Crematoria/Cemeteries, Clergy and Churches, Doctors and Coroners on your behalf and conducting the ceremony on the day with a Funeral Director and pallbearers. The charges also include the Hearse and any following limousines required and the transfer of your loved one into our care, care and preparation and visiting in the Chapels of Rest.

Coffin charges are dependent on personal choice.

The above two sets of charges will differ mainly due to your choice of coffin and funeral vehicle requests. Once we know these, we are able to give an accurate quotation of our costs. Once given, these costs are fixed unless you amend your instructions.

The third set of charges known as “Disbursements” are fees which are paid to external parties and should not differ between funeral directors as these are set charges. These are added to the charges above to give an overall quotation.

An example of third party charges are listed below for a cremation at Sutton Coldfield Crematorium, with the service held in the Chapel there by a Church of England minister where the death has no coroner involvement and are correct as of  1st April 2019.


Fees to Sutton Coldfield Crematorium  £ 895.00  (£975.00 for 2.30 pm and 3.15 pm service times)

Fees for Church of England Minister £ 217.00

Fees to Doctors for Cremation Certificates  £ 164.00


Other services that may apply to “Disbursements” but are optional (again dependant on personal wishes and requests) are for floral tributes, newspaper notices and printed Orders of Service.

From your first contact with us, and on taking a few preliminary details, we can give you and your family a quotation.

At the time of meeting and discussing details in more depth, we give each and every family a full and estimated written quotation. Before moving forward we ensure that you understand all the charges and have had the opportunity to ask any questions or to raise any concerns you may have.

If you feel you are eligible for any financial assistance, we ask that you inform us of this and likewise, if we feel you may be entitled to assistance, we will advise you accordingly.

We know our open and honest policy works for our families as we have no issues or problems with the payment of our funeral accounts. We strongly believe that this is because we work alongside our families to limit this burden and they are provided with a service that exceeds their expectations.

For our families wishing or needing a low cost funeral, we provide a “Simple Funeral” package (further details may be found on our website). This is designed to help families wishing or needing to keep costs to an absolute minimum and is very specific on what it includes and what it excludes. This package is not for everyone but is an option we provide.

Finally, you cannot put a cost on genuine care – this is given to each and every one of our families at no charge. Please get in touch here for an accurate price and to discuss your options.