What a funeral costs

From September 16th 2021, the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) has made it compulsory that every Funeral Director in the UK is required to provide bereaved families with a ‘Standardised Price List’. This will enable families to compare prices and make an informed decision on how they wish the funeral arrangements for their loved one to be.

Download our CMA Standardised Price List here

It is important to remember that Funeral Directors provide different levels of care and service therefore whilst costs are very important, recommendations from families previously supported are invaluable. Please do read our Google reviews, many of which are very recent.

Traditional and bespoke funerals

Our ‘Standardised Price List’ does not include or have provision to include some of the more traditional or bespoke services that we can offer, therefore please look at our traditional funeral option.

Should our Standardised or Traditional Funerals not meet with your full requirements, we offer bespoke funeral arrangements that cover an extremely wide range of services.

Download our Traditional and Bespoke Funeral price list here

Terms of Business and Payment Terms

Each funeral we arrange and conduct is unique and personal, just like your loved one. Our prices are set out but may vary depending on the complexity of the arrangements made.

Download our Terms of Business and Payment Terms here


Daniel Ross Funerals continues to build our reputation on excellence and strives to exceed our families’ expectations.

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