How to arrange a funeral

At Daniel Ross Funerals, we are here to hold your hand throughout your difficult journey and to guide you on how to arrange a funeral.

  • Begin by making contact with us- either in person, via email or our website, or more usually- on the telephone. Our telephone number is answered 24 hours a day.
  • We will then be able to discuss the initial steps with you and arrange to meet with you, whether it be more convenient for you to come to us or us to come to your home. We aim to make it as easy for you as possible at this time. We will offer you advice on registration, and even make the appointment for you, if you wish.
  • You do not need to have registered the death to begin making the arrangements.
  • To arrange the funeral we do need to complete some paperwork.  First and foremost though, we like to begin the arrangement with a “blank page”. We like to get to know you, and your deceased loved one and we think a funeral needs to be a reflection of their life.
  • We will then talk through together the specifics of the funeral. Our aim is to help you find your own personal way to say goodbye.  You may have quite a clear cut idea of how you wish the funeral to be, but if not, we will present all the options available to you so that you may be aware of all your choices which will enable you to make the right decision for you and your family.
  • From here on, we are able to take all the burden from your shoulders as we take care of all the administration and the practical elements of the funeral so that you may concentrate on taking care of yourself and being with those who are supporting you.
  • If you wish to spend time with your loved one at the chapels within Grace Mary House we will endeavour to personalise the chapel with familiar music and personal belongings so you feel at home within our home.
  • Once the arrangements are made we provide you with a written estimate.
  • The Estimate is your written copy of the arrangements and how much our services are likely to cost once the funeral is over. This is for your security and peace of mind.  Included in this will be an estimate of third party costs (known as “disbursements”) which are standard charges incurred by every Funeral Director.
  • Once you have left us after the first visit, our priority is then to bring your loved one back to our home, and get them ready so that you may spend time with them if you wish.
  • We stay in touch over the next few days and continue to build upon the foundations laid in our initial meeting until we have created the most perfect send off.

Types of funeral for your loved one

Arranging a funeral can be done easily with our help. If you know which of the following 4 categories it belongs to, click on the appropriate link to find out more:

Religious funerals
Non-religious funerals
Environmentally friendly funerals
Children’s funerals

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