Religious or non-religious funerals

A funeral is one of life’s most important personal events, and we know how important it is for each family to discuss, plan and agree upon the funeral service. We treat every funeral individually and aim to provide you with a meaningful and memorable day, always ensuring that we listen to your particular needs and circumstances. For some people, a religious funeral might not seem appropriate, but rest assured we will be able to discuss it with you and find a solution.

Religious funerals

Our qualified and experienced funeral directors are knowledgeable with many funeral rites, religious customs and beliefs including but not limited to:

  • Anglican
  • Roman Catholic
  • Irish Catholic
  • Methodist
  • Non Conformist
  • Polish
  • Greek Orthodox
  • Hindu
  • Sikh
  • Jehovah Witness

We have two large Chapels of Rest and a Preparation Suite where we welcome families who wish to wash and dress their loved one. We also have the Chapel facilities for Vigil Services or to hold Prayers over the body here at Grace Mary House.

Non-religious funerals

Humanist Funerals

The death of someone we have known and loved is no less sad, shocking or painful for those who have chosen to live without religion. A Humanist funeral is increasingly common. It’s simply more appropriate for those who neither lived according to religious principles, nor accepted religious views of life or death.  A Humanist funeral uniquely and affectionately celebrates the life of the person who has died. Nothing in a Humanist funeral or memorial ceremony should be offensive to those who are religious.  Celebrants in the BHA’s Humanist Ceremonies™ network accredited to conduct funerals are friendly, trained and experienced. There is no reference to God or the Bible, and no hymns can be sung.

Non religious funeral – Civil Funerals

An increasing number of people are finding that their personal preferences are easily accommodated within a Civil Funeral Ceremony and therefore a more appropriate choice for them to make. A Civil Funeral Ceremony can therefore provide an opportunity to create, with the help and support of a professional Civil Funeral Celebrant, the most appropriate and meaningful Ceremony for this final act of love and respect. The celebrant is trained and experienced, but where Humanism in itself is a belief system, a Civil funeral, much like a Civil Wedding, is carried out by someone trained to perform the service. Their own beliefs are not important to the ceremony and therefore are more flexible in references to God, therefore although the service will concentrate on the life of the person who has died, hymns and The Lord’s Prayer are still allowed.

We only work with the best funeral celebrants who deliver the most personal and befitting tributes.

Our flexible approach to non religious funerals

You do not have to have any official person take the funeral service if there are people in your network of family and friends who wish to make tributes.  Additionally, one of our Funeral Directors can assist as a Master of Ceremonies, taking charge of the proceedings and introducing the speakers.

As part of the funeral arrangement we will discuss all the options available to you for a non religious funeral.


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