Woodland Burial and Green Funerals

Should your choice be Woodland Burial, we are here to help you.

Daniel Ross Funerals of Walmley  is the only “green” funeral director in Sutton Coldfield and is Recommended by The National Centre as a “helpful” funeral director who places their families needs and wishes first and foremost.

Green Funerals (otherwise referred to as Eco friendly or Woodland Burial) are for those who wish to return to Mother Nature. Natural Woodland Burial Grounds provide an alternate to a traditional graveyard as headstones are replaced with the beauty of nature. The aim of  Woodland Burial Grounds is to develop areas of outstanding beauty, provide a home for a variety of wildlife and to create a special place for those, that wish to remember a loved one ,will want to visit, not from a sense of duty but for the pleasure and peace of mind that it provokes.

All of the coffins we use for our green funerals are made from highly renewable and sustainable materials that ensure they are enviromentallly friendly. They are then elegantly handmade or woven by skilled craftsmen in a range of designs, including traditional shape and curved end coffins and caskets.

A family may opt for various “aspects” of a green funeral  ie wicker coffin but with Cremation, or Woodland Burial but with a wooden coffin and feel this is adequate for them personally, other families may wish every detail of their loved one’s funeral to be enviromentally friendly.

Please contact us for further details and information on Natural Burial/Woodland Burial/Green funerals and also about our wide range of coffins and caskets available in various cardboard and eco friendly materials on 0121 313 0054.