Aftercare – Our continued service after the funeral

When you walk into our funeral home for the first time, we are strangers. After the shared experience of the funeral, we hope that you will look upon us as friends.

We hope that you will always feel comfortable and welcome here, and will continue to ask us for support, advice and for practical assistance after the funeral if you need it. Maybe a chat and a cup of tea is all you need, or maybe one of the following services:-

Acknowledgements – We will happily arrange for a “Thank You” to be placed in the newspaper following the funeral to acknnowledge floral tributes, donations or simply the friendship you have been shown by others. Most people choose to arrange this at the time of the funeral to be placed at a later date, however we are happy to do this for you at anytime.

The Bereavement Register– This service was launched to remove the names of the deceased from databases and mailing lists, ensuring that unsolicited mail is not received in an already distressing time. Every client is given a leaflet regarding this service, but we will arrange this for you on your request.

Bereavement Support Groups – Our Funeral Directors are all experienced at offering support to bereaved people and have a working relationship with local support groups. We also have a wide resources database including specialised support groups (for example, for deaths due to suicide, road accident or cancer). We are also able to provide details of local reputable counsellors should they be requested.

Memorialisation – We are able to offer a full monumental masonry service, and offer alternatives following a cremation.

Anniversary Flowers – our floristry department will discuss any further floral requirements you may have – for example flowers to the bereaved relative or tributes for the deceased on birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries.

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