Personalised funerals

Personalised funerals can offer a lasting tribute to your loved one.  We offer a variety of options from simple background music to the release of white doves.


If you would like your own CDs played during the service at the Crematorium, please observe the conditions listed below.  The songs need to be:

  • As separate tracks on a purchased CD, not a downloaded one
  • Clearly labelled with the deceased’s name, the title of the song to be played, and when the song is to be played
  • Brought to our offices at least 3 days before the funeral.  All CDs need to be at the crematorium at least 2 days in advance so that it can be checked on their equipment.
  • All CDs will be returned to you following the funeral.

If you would like CDs to be played at another venue, then you must discuss this with us and/or your Minister taking the service.

If you would like an Organist, Bugler, Soloist or other musician, then please do not hesitate to discuss this with us.

Dove and Helium Balloon Release

It is becoming more popular to release doves as a symbol of love and ‘freedom’.  As an alternative, families are also choosing to release helium filled balloons. We are happy to make such arrangements and obtain any permission required on your behalf.

Specialist Coffins

If there is a particular kind of coffin which you would like information on, we will do our best to source it for you.  For example, in addition to our usual range we can supply:

  • American Caskets
  • White Coffins
  • Cardboard Coffins
  • Wicker, Bamboo, Seagrass Coffins
  • Italian style coffins
  • Coloured Coffins
  • Themed coffins
  • Wool and Cotton Coffins

Please see our coffins showroom, our brochures or speak to a member of staff.

Service Sheets and Memorial Stationery

We are able to supply service sheets, book marks, Mass cards and other printed memorial items.  Please ask a member of staff to assist you and to show you the extensive range.