Religions – Christian and non-Christian

The extensive training and experience our Funeral Directors have undergone means that in most cases we are experienced in dealing with all religions, Christian and non-Christian. A few of the key elements of different funeral religions and traditions are shown below, for your information:

  • Anglican Funerals. The Church of England, the Episcopal Church in Scotland, the Church of Wales or the Church of Ireland. These funerals can take place in the local church or chapel of the cemetery or crematorium.  Parish boundaries usually apply. Family and friends come together to mourn, to express their sorrow and grief but also to give thanks for the life, and to commend the deceased into God’s safe keeping. It can be a plain funeral service or there is usually the opportunity to personalise the funeral with the addition of hymns, prayers, readings and personal tributes or eulogies.
  • Roman Catholic Funerals. Catholic funerals can now be burial or cremation, but are still more likely to take place in the church rather than in a chapel.  They are usually carried out at the same time as the daily Mass. Prior to the funeral there is usually a vigil, in either a private home, the funeral home but most likely the church where the funeral is to take place. Here, a priest or deacon will receive the body into church and lead prayers over the coffin. It is also common for members of the family to bear the coffin for the reception into church. It is not possible to hold a Requiem Mass on days of obligation. It is possible to have a funeral without Mass (Holy Communion) but rarer, and the priest is always very accommodating of non-Catholics within the funeral, ensuring a special blessing takes place at the time of communion. Families arranging a Catholic funeral have usually made contact with the local priest before visiting the Funeral Director, especially if the person who has died received the acts commonly known as “last rites” from their priest. We are also familiar with the regional differences between, for example, Irish, Italian and Polish Catholic traditions.
  • Other Christian Denominations. Our Funeral Directors have experience of arranging funerals for the following – Non-Conformist (Baptist, Congregational, Church of Scotland, Elim Pentacostal, Methodist, Society of Friends, United Reformed), Salvation Army, Spiritualists, Christian Science, Jehovah’s Witness, Lutheran, Mormon (Latter Day Saints), Christadelphian, Orthodox (e.g. Greek, Eastern and Serbian).  There is no uniformity with these funeral arrangements, but a common sense approach combined with the knowledge of our staff.
  • Hindu & Sikh Funerals. As Funeral Directors we have experience in serving families from Hindu and Sikh cultures, and can advise on the common practices if there is any uncertainty. We also have state of the art, comfortable facilities for the ritual washing, cleansing and preparation of the deceased person prior to the funeral and have both male and female funeral directors on hand to provide practical assistance and support if it should be required.  It is common for the coffin to be taken to the family home for prayers prior to the service at the crematorium. If you wish to witness the charging of the coffin into the cremator, it is helpful to tell us at the time of the funeral arrangements.
  • Non Religious Funerals. We have included a special section on this website which deals with this matter.  Rest assured that it is not a problem, and we can suggest many alternatives which may suit your needs, or accommodate any requirement or special requests you may have.

If, by any chance, we are not familiar with your particular religions and etiquette, we will endeavour to learn everything we can so that we may best perform your funeral to your exact wishes and requirements.