Catholic funeral in Sutton Coldfield

At Daniel Ross Funerals, in Sutton Coldfield, we are able to offer advice and guidance to arrange and prepare for a Catholic funeral in Sutton Coldfield.

Our funeral directors can meet with you to discuss the arrangements either at our funeral home, Grace Mary House, in Sutton Coldfield or by request, at your own home.

Traditionally, for a Catholic funeral,  Reception into Church or being Received into Church will take place on the evening before the funeral. This is always accompanied by a short service. The deceased will then rest peacefully in Church overnight.

For Catholics who attend church, a Requiem Mass would normally constitute the major part of the funeral service. To that extent more time will probably be required for the church service than in other traditions, especially if a large congregation is expected and many people are likely to be receiving Holy Communion.

However, for Catholics who do not go to church very often there is the option of having a Catholic funeral service without a Requiem Mass.

It is also possible to have a Catholic funeral service at the crematorium or in the cemetery chapel. Whatever kind of service you choose, you can be sure it will be according to the rites of the Catholic Church and conducted with dignity and respect.