Green funeral director in Sutton Coldfield

Daniel Ross Funerals is proud to be the only recognised “green” funeral director in Sutton Coldfield.

As Green funeral directors, we offer a bespoke range of services that are not offered elsewhere throughout Sutton Coldfield or it’s surrounding areas.

Our specialized services for a Green Funeral extend to:

Wishaw, Bassetts Pole, Canley, Weeford, Roughley, Four Oaks, Little Aston, Shenstone, Stonnall, Muckley Corner, Lichfield, Tamworth, Fazeley, Middleton, Kingsbury, Bodymoor Heath, Hunts Green, Hamms Hall, Nether Whitacre,

Coleshill, Water Orton, Curdworth and Minworth.

We are based in Walmley, Sutton Coldfield, please take time to browse our website or telephone us on 0121 313 0054.

Funeral director in Erdington

Daniel Ross Funerals is your recommended funeral director in Erdington.

The family funeral director has it’s funeral home “Grace Mary House” ideally positioned on the Eachelhurst Road, between Erdington and Walmley.

With Simple funerals from £995, Daniel Ross Funerals, strive to provide exceptional value for money whilst stiill maintaining the highest level of Care and Service.

Please take time to look at our website, or telephone us on 0121 313 0054.

Funeral Service in Sutton Coldfield

A highly recommended funeral director providing a personal funeral service in Sutton Coldfield with an unrivalled repuation for care and quality of service.

Daniel Ross Funerals, based in Walmley, Sutton Coldfield pledges their clients and their families wishes are paramount and strive to provide a personal funeral service befitting to the deceased.

The funeral director in Sutton Coldfield offers:

*Simple with complete care funeral service in Sutton Coldfield from £1495.00 excluding fees paid to third parties

*Immediate and personal support and attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

*Guidance and flexability with an extensive range of services rarely offered by other funeral directors

*A guarantee of peace of mind

*To honour and respect all religions and cultures

*The simplest funeral service to the most elaborate funeral service

*Possibly the most beautifully furnished family rooms and Chapels of Rest in Sutton Coldfield

*Daimler hearse and Daimler limousines as standard for all funeral services

*Rolls Royce fleet

*Horse Drawn Hearse

*Male and female funeral directors, pallbearers and carers

*Home arrangements

*Small Private Funeral Service Chapel

*Wash and dress facilities

*In house florist

*In house printing to provide Orders of Service and Mass Cards

*Bereavement support and aftercare

*Books and advice on helping children to understand about funerals

*Assistance with newspaper notices and acknowledgements

*Assistance with catering and funeral venues in Sutton Coldfield

*Monumental Stonemason in Sutton Coldfield

*In house range of memorial plaques

*In house range of Cremated Remains traditional caskets

*In house range of alternate Cremated Remains caskets

*Full range of traditional coffins and caskets

*Full range of wicker, bamboo and cardboard coffins

*Bespoke Colourful coffins

*Assistance to appoint a member of the clergy for any denomination

*Assistance to appoint a humanist or civil celebrant

*A full range of poems and verses suitable for funerals along with hymn sheets

*Help to conduct the funeral service without a minister

*Green Funerals or Woodland Burial

*Reception into Church prior to a funeral service

*To bring the Deceased home to rest

*Options for the flowers after the funeral service

* Pet memorials, caskets and nameplates

Please visit our website or telephone 0121 313 0054 for further details, help or advice for a funeral service in Sutton Coldfield.

Accredited funeral director in Sutton Coldfield

Daniel Ross Funerals is an accredited funeral director in Sutton Coldfield.

The family funeral director is a accredited member of The National Association Of Funeral Directors, The British Institute of Funeral Directors and is the only funeral director in Sutton Coldfield to be a member of The National Association of Green Funeral Directors.

With an accredited funeral director, peace of mind, highest standards of service and quality, along with unrivalled care and compassion are guaranteed.

Daniel Ross Funerals are very proud to provide this level of service in Sutton Coldfield.

Please visit our website to see our funeral home based in Walmley.

Funeral Directors in Sutton Coldfield

When you lose someone you love, or are faced with the knowledge that you may lose them soon, it is a devestating shock and grief leaves us reeling.

At a time in your life, where you cannot even think straight, you are asked to make decisions.

Daniel Ross and Sarah Wolsey are brother and sister and are funeral directors in Sutton Coldfield. We are an independant family business who have experienced bereavement within our own family and we know, again through experience, that whatever the circumstances surrounding the death are, the loss is as unique as the person who has passed away.

We are at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and your contact will always be either Daniel or Sarah.

Our beautiful funeral home in Walmley is called Grace Mary House, in memory of a very special little girl, whose bravery and courage inspired and will forever inspire our dedication to our profession.

We would be honoured to be able to help you in your time of need.

Woodland Burial and Green Funerals

Should your choice be Woodland Burial, we are here to help you.

Daniel Ross Funerals of Walmley  is the only “green” funeral director in Sutton Coldfield and is Recommended by The National Centre as a “helpful” funeral director who places their families needs and wishes first and foremost.

Green Funerals (otherwise referred to as Eco friendly or Woodland Burial) are for those who wish to return to Mother Nature. Natural Woodland Burial Grounds provide an alternate to a traditional graveyard as headstones are replaced with the beauty of nature. The aim of  Woodland Burial Grounds is to develop areas of outstanding beauty, provide a home for a variety of wildlife and to create a special place for those, that wish to remember a loved one ,will want to visit, not from a sense of duty but for the pleasure and peace of mind that it provokes.

All of the coffins we use for our green funerals are made from highly renewable and sustainable materials that ensure they are enviromentallly friendly. They are then elegantly handmade or woven by skilled craftsmen in a range of designs, including traditional shape and curved end coffins and caskets.

A family may opt for various “aspects” of a green funeral  ie wicker coffin but with Cremation, or Woodland Burial but with a wooden coffin and feel this is adequate for them personally, other families may wish every detail of their loved one’s funeral to be enviromentally friendly.

Please contact us for further details and information on Natural Burial/Woodland Burial/Green funerals and also about our wide range of coffins and caskets available in various cardboard and eco friendly materials on 0121 313 0054.

Bereavement Education for Schools

Friday 28th May 2010

Child Bereavement Education from Daniel Ross Funerals for local schools in Sutton Coldfield

Campaign to help Bereaved Schoolchildren in the West Midlands

BREAKING bad news to children is never easy, but now West Midlands schools have been given a helping hand to make sure staff are saying the “right words.”

Daniel Ross Funerals of  Walmley, Sutton Coldfield has taken its recently-launched Child Bereavement Support Campaign to the next level, by funding and making available new handbooks to support and guide people working in schools and other educational environments.

The user-friendly school handbook follows hot on the heels of a successful version for parents and carers, which was released in February (2010) by the Eachelhurst Road business.

Local schools have been told about the handbooks and complimentary copies have been made available. Posters have also been designed.

Daniel Ross Funerals co-owner Sarah Wolsey said the latest publication covers a wide range of issues. It also contains a wealth of advice from child bereavement experts.

One of the schools to receive the booklet is St Edmund Campion School in Erdington, Jan Fleming is the secondary schools Bereavement Co-Ordinator: “Over the last five years at St Edmund Campion School I have set up and managed a Bereavement Profile and supported all the pupils and families who have suffered a bereavement which has been well received by pupils and their parents. The booklets that I have just received from Daniel Ross Funerals , particularly “Remember Me” will be invaluable in helping me continue the support given to the families in our school community. They are directed at the specific needs of the child at what is a most difficult time for them, not only to support them but will be invaluable source of information for their families in helping their child cope with their loss.”

Topics covered include: telling children when a member of the school dies, informing staff when a member of the school dies; issues relating to loss for children in early years classes,loss issues for those with special needs  and how to handle the situation when a bereaved child or colleague returns to school. The handbook also covers faith and cultural beliefs and considerations and critical incident contingency planning

Posters were supplied for use at each school’s own discretion, in case staff decided they wanted to further publicise the handbooks for parents and carers.

“I have always personally believed there is a need for extra help and support for those caring for children following  bereavement,” said Sarah.

She said the response to the campaign had been “totally overwhelming”, firstly from parents and now from teachers and teaching assistants.

“It is so positive and encouraging for parents to know that the care and support given at home is being continued and followed through whilst the child is at school. It is wonderful to have everyone pulling in the same direction,”  added Sarah.

“Daniel Ross Funerals is a family-owned-and-managed business which is proud to have funded these books and made them freely available to our local community.  It’s all about the people.”

Copies of both guides – the teachers’ resource or parents’ handbook – along with the poster, are available from the business. Simply visit the website: or call its 24-hour telephone helpline on: 0121 313 0054.

For further information on Child Bereavement  please contact Sarah Wolsey:
Daniel Ross Funerals,
Grace Mary House,
255 Eachelhurst Road,
Sutton Coldfield
B76 1DT
Tel:0121 313 0054
Email us here

Dove and balloon release

Grace Mary House, Eachelhurst RoadIt is becoming more popular to release doves as a symbol of love and ‘freedom’.  We used doves to make a memorable opening ceremony when the Lord Mayor of Birmingham came to open our new premises in Sutton Coldfield.  People remember the gesture and spirits are lifted by this unique event.

Similarly, balloon releasing is increasingly popular and has similar impact on people’s spirits.

We are happy to make such arrangements and obtain any permission required on your behalf.