Deaths reported to the Coroner in Sutton Coldfield

When a death occurs  and is reported or referred to the Coroner in Sutton Coldfield, this can be an added worry for the family.

Many deaths reported to the Coroner in Sutton Coldfield are routine referrals that need slight investigation before the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death can be issued.

Registering the death in Sutton Coldfield cannot take place until the Coroner has completed his enquiries, and although the Coroner’s officer will advise you and your family not to make any funeral arrangements yet, we advise that you make contact with us here at Daniel Ross Funerals so that we may reassure you and keep you informed as to the Coroner’s probable course of action. We have information and DVDS at our funeral home in Sutton Coldfield which were supplied by NHS Bereavement Services that will explain Coroner’s procedures and inquests, all of which will be given to help you, free of charge.

Please telephone us on 0121 313 0054 for completely confedential free advice and support.