Estimates and disbursements

As a Company it is our policy to provide every client with a written estimate and confirmation of funeral details at the time of arranging the ceremony. If this is not possible, we will ensure that it is provided as soon as possible prior to the funeral taking place.

Each funeral is tailored to your exact requirements so this price list must be used as a general guide.

The estimate details our charges and those which we pay out to Third Parties on your behalf (known as ‘disbursements’). We ask that these fees are paid prior to the funeral and are grateful for your co-operation. If the final invoice is to be sent to a solicitor we ask your permission to contact them.

A fully detailed estimate will be given to you at the time of arranging the funeral. However, this is purely an estimate and whilst the Arranger will do their utmost to predict the costs, occasionally there are differences between the estimate and the figure charged by a third party and the final invoice will reflect this.