Funeral Charges – What services do your professional funeral charges actually include?

Our funeral charges are highly competitive but, more importantly, our care is unrivalled.

Our professional funeral charges include all the following services:-

  • The attention of a Funeral Director at all times, for advice 24 hours a day, and to attend to matters including, as required:
  • Advice and guidance on all legal and practical matters following a death.
  • Help and advice on registering the death including making an appointment and transport to the Registry Office if required.
  • Advising on the Coroners procedure and liasing with the Coroner’s office if necessary.
  • Having available all the relevant forms, assisting with their completion and delivery to the relevant authorities.
  • Provision of photocopies of any documents as necessary.
  • Full and clear advice on the services and products available.
  • Dealing with all enquiries relating to the funeral.
  • All necessary local and national telephone calls, email support and essential postage.
  • Making available documents relating to other matters such as DWP claim forms, The Bereavement Register and charitable organisations and support groups.
  • Liaising with all third parties including cemeteries, crematoria, clergy and musicians, to arrange the timing and details of the funeral.
  • Confirming all funeral details in writing to the family and to the clergy.
  • Provision of a written confirmation and estimate.
  • Provision of a Funeral Director (male or female) on the day to provide guidance and control to ensure the funeral runs smoothly.
  • Provision of up to four bearers where required to ensure the coffin is taken in to the service with care and dignity.
  • Attendance Cards, or a person to list mourners, if required.
  • Reception and listing of Floral Tributes.
  • Distribution of floral tributes to one other location, within a 5 mile radius, following the funeral (e.g. family grave, local nursing home) where requested and permitted.
  • Route maps and directions for all private cars in the cortege, upon request.
  • The loan of large black umbrellas to main mourners in inclement weather.
  • Loan of sample material to aid wording of press announcements and funeral eulogies.
  • Assistance with wording of press announcements.
  • Placing of press announcements in local and national newspapers, at the family’s request.
  • Placing of announcements on “Forever Online” where requested.
  • Colour brochures available for floral tributes, specialist coffins and memorial stationery.
  • Arranging and ordering all special items for the funeral such as floral tributes, service sheets or dove release.
  • Compiling, proof checking, collecting and delivering service sheets where required.
  • Receiving and handling donations in lieu of floral tributes, on behalf of the family including receipt and forwarding to the named charity.

In addition to this, our staff are trained and qualified and we are proud to be members of the country’s leading funeral organisations including the National Association of Funeral Directors and abide by their strict Code of Practice.

Social fund claimants information

You may be able to claim funeral costs help if you are currently claiming one of many types of income support.

To qualify for help with the cost of the funeral, the person responsible for paying the funeral account and not the deceased person must be in receipt of one of the following benefits

  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax Benefit
  • Income based Job seekers Allowance
  • Working Tax Credit (Restrictions Apply)
  • Child Tax Credit (Restrictions Apply)

Your claim will be assessed and, if successful, the DWP will pay a grant towards some of the cost of the funeral.  We advise early contact with the DWP.

Estimates and disbursements

As a Company it is our policy to provide every client with a written estimate and confirmation of funeral details at the time of arranging the ceremony. If this is not possible, we will ensure that it is provided as soon as possible prior to the funeral taking place.

Each funeral is tailored to your exact requirements so this price list must be used as a general guide.

The estimate details our charges and those which we pay out to Third Parties on your behalf (known as ‘disbursements’). We ask that these fees are paid prior to the funeral and are grateful for your co-operation. If the final invoice is to be sent to a solicitor we ask your permission to contact them.

A fully detailed estimate will be given to you at the time of arranging the funeral. However, this is purely an estimate and whilst the Arranger will do their utmost to predict the costs, occasionally there are differences between the estimate and the figure charged by a third party and the final invoice will reflect this.