Funeral service in Walmley Sutton Coldfield – Our aftercare

At Daniel Ross Funerals, we are committed to providing not only an exceptional  funeral service in Walmley Sutton Coldfield but a complete service to our clients and their families.

Through our experiences and knowledge of bereavement support are able to offer this general advice and much more detailed literature and assistance to the families we serve.

Following the funeral service, we are quite often at a loss as what to say to support and help someone who is grieving.

It can be very uncomfortable to be with someone in the midst of such pain and anguish. Quite often, we just want to fix it for them and make the pain go away; however we can’t.

Here are some guidelines that we hope will be helpful.

Acknowledge their loss; make sure they are aware that you do appreciate how much they are hurting and know how important that person was in their life.

Don’t be afraid to mention the person that has died or to talk about them.

Support the emotions they are feeing at that particular time. Want to cry… go ahead.¬† Want to scream… fine to do so.

Unerstand that there is no timeline for grieving; it doesn’t go away. What occurs over a period of time is adjustment and acceptance.

Please don’t offer platitudes; it really isn’t helpful.

Remember the first twelve month calendar is huge and they will need your ongoing support throughout.