PrePaid Funeral Plans in Sutton Coldfield and Erdington

Why not save your loved ones the financial and emotional stress of arranging your funeral and enquire about prepaid funeral plans today.

What are Prepaid Funeral Plans?

Basically, pre-paid Funeral Plans are bonds which can be paid either in full on the date of creation, or over easy monthly periods. The money is placed into a trust fund and invested from the time you create it, to the date of your death. Upon your death, the bond is paid to the funeral director, to cover your funeral costs.

Who can arrange Prepaid Funeral Plans?

There are no restrictions on medical grounds or age. As long as you are over the age of 18, you are able to organise your own prepaid Funeral Plan.

How do I purchase a prepaid Funeral Plan?

Contact us, Daniel Ross Funerals of Walmley, on our 24 hour telephone and helpline 0121 313 0054 and we can arrange a meeting at your convenience, to discuss your requirements further.

Do I get to decide what my prepaid funeral plan includes?

When arranging your Funeral Plan, you will be asked the questions you would normally be asked when arranging a funeral. All of your personal choices will be noted down, and the Funeral Plan structured to your requirements.

Are Funeral Plans expensive?

They can be, but for a limited time, Daniel Ross Funerals are offering “A Simple with Complete Care” Funeral Plan which is most competitively priced.

How do I pay for my Plan?

You can either pay for your plan in one lump sum, or in easy monthly payments. We can discuss this in more detail via telephone, 0121 313 0054

Who holds the funds?

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans within The National Association of Funeral Directors.

Will my Funeral Plan cover 100% of the Funeral Cost at the time of my death?

Very often yes it would, but we cannot control third party costs such as the Crematorium or doctors fees. Although these costs have historically risen by inflation which would then be covered by the growth of the prepaid funeral plan, there may come a time when this isn’t the case. If at the time of need, the third party costs are higher than the value of the contribution, there will then be a shortfall in the Plan. The funeral directors fees which include items such as our services, vehicles and coffin/casket are 100% guaranteed.