Small Children & Toddlers grief

No one knows their child as well as their close family, so our advice is quite general.

Children need information in a way they can understand, and it is best to tell them the truth in simple terms. They need information, and they need to be involved and not hidden from the event. In saying that, it is also important that their carers are able to feely grieve.

Allow the child to express their fears and anxieties and address them in the best way you know how. Reassure them that they were not to blame for the death and it is not through their misbehaviour or a form of punishment. Accept all of their feelings – even if they appear to not be grieving, they may be hiding their true emotions – and watch them carefully.

Give the child plenty of opportunity to remember, and do not be afraid to talk about the person in front of them. Above all, children need to carry on with routine activities, and lots of patience and love.

For further help and support, there are many charities available, depending upon circumstances. Refer to your local library or internet, or contact us for further information.