Snow distance too far! A personalised funeral.

Funeral Director WalmleyWest Midlands Funeral Directors, Daniel Ross Funerals, has proven they will go to any lengths – or distance – to provide a personalised funeral service to their clients. The family firm recently arranged a burial on private land, and travelled over 200 miles in heavy snowfall to deliver a truly personal service to the bereaved family.

Daniel Ross Funerals, based in Walmley, Sutton Coldfield, has staked its reputation on its ability to deliver tailored funeral services, and the arrangements for this particular funeral certainly put that reputation to the test.

The firm’s owner, Daniel Wolsey, explains: “The family came to us with some very specific requests – they wanted to provide the coffin and the transport themselves, and the burial was to be on the family’s own land, 200 miles from our funeral home. It was a privilege for Daniel Ross Funerals to be selected to assist the family with the arrangements for this particular personalised funeral, and the heavy snowfall made it a special and memorable tribute.

“Funerals require a lot of planning, and can be a very daunting task for families who are dealing with loss. We like to work very closely with the families in order to plan and deliver an appropriate and personalised funeral that is in-keeping with the families’ wishes.”

Sarah Wolsey, Daniel’s sister and part-owner, adds: “We bring a fresh approach to funeral arranging that represents the 21st century, and although we are a relatively new company, our team has many years of experience in the funeral industry, so we are very confident in our ability to deliver a truly tailored services to our clients and their families. Although it can be a very distressing time, families can often find it rewarding to play a part in the funeral, whether it’s helping with the arrangements, or in the service itself. Daniel Ross Funerals want to make sure that families don’t have any regrets about the funeral arrangements, so we do everything we can to give them the funeral they want.”

Daniel Ross Funerals believe it is possible to be very involved and make a funeral more personalised by playing a small part in the ceremony such as pall bearing the coffin or writing the eulogy, whether it is a traditional, a religious or a green funeral.

They also offer advice in confidence, and have created ‘Personalised Funeral Wishes’ – a pack to help people plan their own personalised funeral. For more information, call 0121 313 0054, or visit the website at