Environmentally friendly funerals

Environmentally friendly funerals


Environmentally friendly funerals are otherwise known as “Green Funerals”.  We are the Only Green Funeral Directors in Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth and Lichfield.

Some families are concerned that a funeral may not be environmentally friendly and may opt for an alternative.

To be classified as ‘green’ a funeral needs to have at least 3 of the following:

  1. Eco friendly coffin made with natural and biodegradable materials.
  2. Burial in a Natural Burial Ground or on the family’s own land.
  3. Limousines and cars kept to a minimum.
  4. No embalming.
  5. No ‘cremfilm’ or plastic lining in the coffin.
  6. Journey kept to a minimum.
  7. Flowers used all bought within 10 mile radius of FD.
  8. A tree plant or other plant(s) instead of headstone.
Of course we can help with any of these things, or if perhaps you just want to “do your bit” for the environment and, for example, choose from one of our many Eco-coffins including bamboo, sea-grass, willow, water hyacinth, banana leaf, wool and cotton, then we are glad to work with you.
We are members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors and the only funeral home in Sutton Coldfield (and one of only two in the West Midlands) to be recommended by the Natural Death Centre.
For more information on environmental issues and woodlands burials please contact us.  We also provide the option of green funerals within our funeral pre-payment plans.

“We are all extremely happy with the way dad’s funeral went. It was an utterly appropriate way to mark the end of his life. And its hard to imagine how it would have worked out without Sarah and Danny’s help. Your enthusiasm and flexibility in accommodating our plans was really appreciated. I personally was particularly glad of your support on the day, where I thought Danny did a superb job of keeping us organised in a completely unobtrusive manner.”

Children and baby funerals

Losing a child is the most painful experience any of us can face. It is difficult to make the decisions and choices whilst feeling so vulnerable, so over the days we help you to give careful consideration to the choices available along with the support and advice you would expect from experienced professionals to plan the funeral so that it reflects their personality and their time in the world, however short, and gives a degree of comfort to the family at such a distressing time. We will work with you to capture their essence in the most appropriate funeral service possible.

For the funerals of babies and children up to 16 years:

We do not make any charges to transfer the child into our care, to provide Private Chapel of Rest facilities nor to care for the child until the day of their funeral.

We will make a minimal professional service charge, a charge for the vehicle and a charge for the coffin of your choice.

In addition, there may be third party charges from the Cemetery or Crematorium.


Depending upon the age of the child it is not always appropriate to use a hearse, and it is not always appropriate to use a black hearse. We can discuss the wide variety of transport options.


It is traditional to have a white coffin for a child but it is possible to have a bespoke design reflecting favourite things such as TV shows, colours or traditional coffins.

Memorial Stationery

We can arrange Orders of Service totally personalised to your requirements in full colour including photographs. These can provide mourners with a welcome keepsake of the day and make a lovely item for a memory box.

Dove Release & Helium Balloons

It is becoming more popular to release doves as a symbol of love and “freedom”. As an alternative, people are also choosing to release helium filled balloons. We are happy to arrange this and obtain any permissions required on your behalf.

Visiting the Chapel of Rest

We will do everything we can to make sure that your visit to the Chapel of Rest is as peaceful and as beneficial to you and your family as possible.  If you would like us to take hand/footprints or keep a lock of hair for a Memory Box, please ask.

We understand that your child is your child however old or young they may be and that you will want to take care of them in your way as long as possible.  We encourage families to participate in the arrangements and we will ensure that you do as much as  you can and want to.  At the times that we are responsible for their care, we promise to treasure them as if they were our own.